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Nóirín Dodd

Artists (A-M)

Nóirín Dodd is a professional artist living and working in Bray, Co. Wicklow. She founded the Artists’ Circle Bray in 2003, and has hosted several workshops for members of the Bray and Greystones Art Groups. The guest artists give workshops of a high caliber and great experience. Barbara Barrett, Fergal Flanagan, Conall McCabe, Brigid O’Brien, Patricia Aherne O’Farrell and Róisín O’Farrell are among the artists she has invited along to these popular weekends and they have delighted everyone with their expertise.

Have a look at Nóirín’s website and view the wonderful atmospheric work she has created in her ‘Simply Red’ series….

“I have purposely chosen a fusion of fine art realism superimposed on an abstract background. The aim is to represent a juxtaposing of the old familiar landmark buildings with the tempestuous times faced by citizens of Dublin in this time of uncertainty and hardship.

The historical subtext is the thought that the buildings have seen cycles before, and have survived. There is a comfort therefore in accepting the cyclical nature of events and realising that the fire of uncertainty will be quenched, eventually. The individual buildings evoke the feeling of Dublin/Ireland with the romantic couple imagining what has been and what is to come. The abstract, strongly coloured background signifies the changing emotional landscape of the city and its people. Are the couple observing or contemplating? Are they wondering how ‘others’ have changed our familiar world for worse and how it now affects ‘us’?

‘Simply Red’ is an atmospheric moment in our city and in us. It attempts to fix the viewer to a memory of Dublin and challenge the media acceptance of doom and gloom. There is a threatening backdrop, but there is also a challenge to us, and the couple in the paintings, to replicate the strength and beauty of the buildings in our own lives.”


Nóirín's Website

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